Trauma Research

Our interventions are grounded in the research of Dr Jennifer Dawson, a clinical psychologist specialising in trauma recovery and the Chief Executive Officer of TraumAid International. Dr Jennifer Dawson completed her PhD entitled “When Fear Remains: The development and Maintenance of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder ” in 2007.

Many who would benefit from this research would struggle to afford access to academic journals. Therefore these papers have been released here online. This research guided the foundation ofTraumAid International, a not-for-profit charity organisation that seeks to heal and empower those suffering after large scale disaster, of which Dr Jennifer is the CEO. 

We are committed to ensuring best practice through ongoing research into traumatised populations and culturally-appropriate trauma interventions. For more information, or to discuss opportunities for collaborative research, please contact us at

"I understand that the expense of academic journal articles precludes many communities from having access to current trauma research. By publishing my thesis in this forum I aim to promote equitable access to peer – reviewed research, and to contribute to the global community’s development of an informed, effective approach to trauma.

I gratefully acknowledge the support of Macquarie University and in particular Dr Judi Homewood and Dr John Franklin for their assistance with this research. My special thanks to Dr Malcolm Macnaughtan from Seeker Wireless for providing technical assistance with my laboratory equipment and, more importantly, a safe space for me to organise diverse concepts and large visions."

Dr Jennifer A. Dawson, 2008

When Fear Remains: The Development and Maintenance of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

The following 8 papers comprise Dr Dawson thesis, When Fear Remains: The Development and Maintenance of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Paper 1 provides a general overview of PTSD and an introduction to the experimental papers (papers 2 - 7) that have informed her trauma recovery model which now underpins the work of TraumAid International.