New Life Recovery Initiative

A common practice is the gang rape of a woman in front of her family, before killing her husband and sometimes her children, and burning her house and village. Women in this situation flee to the city with nothing more than their naked body.

These women need assistance to not only recover from the rape experience, but to rebuild their entire life. Children conceived in rape also require support as they are often abandoned and stigmatised.

In a structured program, the New Life Rape Recovery Centre provides women with:

  • Immediate healthcare and refuge

  • Integration into safe local families, if available

  • Skills to manage trauma symptoms

Once psychological functioning has been recovered, life skills, vocational training and Trauma Management Workshops are provided to women, and the people who may support them (including hospital, church and school staff, and foster families).

The Centre is currently expanding, and the following projects are under development:

  • Registration of the Centre as a community-based organisation

  • The incorporation of income-generating skills training and a rotating micro-credit program to enable the self-sufficiency of the Centre, the women and those foster families who accommodate them

  • Specialist teachers to provide schooling for the women’s surviving children

  • The eventual construction of a school following the successful model of Baraka Academy for these children and local orphaned children