About TraumAid International


TraumAid International is an aid and development organisation working to heal communities traumatized by large-scale natural or man-made disasters. TraumAid International assists the traumatized to rebuild their lives, re-claim their dignity, re-establish a safe & functional community, and break the cycles of violence.


TraumAid International projects are underpinned by the research of Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Jennifer Dawson, who offers a safe, effective and clinically substantiated model of trauma healing. In line with Dr. Dawson’s research, the projects of TraumAid International address all factors that interact to maintain symptoms of trauma. As such, all TraumAid International projects provide community-based and culturally appropriate interventions that focus on the provision of environmental refuge and individual resources to mitigate the trauma response.


Projects undertaken by TraumAid International will focus on the implementation of Dr. Dawson’s Ecological Trauma model into global communities, though partnerships with global organizations focusing on mental health.

You can read about our philosophy here.

We currently support locally run projects in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. For more information on these projects click here.